100% LED Lighting

This year's display will feature 100% LED Lighting, 99% of which will be RGB LEDs. This transition will allow us to use over 16.7 Million colors!

All New Display

Everything in this year's display down to the computer that runs the display is brand new!

All New Show

Featuring an all New Musical Lineup with blasts from the past!

Santa's Back!

Santa Claus is back in Action this year @ Lights 4 Riley!


The Lights 4 Riley Story

The concept for the 2010 show started in November of 2009, when we saw The Holdman Christmas video online. The lights dancing to music was incredible! For 12 months following, we were hard at work finding music, sequencing songs, and wrapping lights. In 2010 we had 160 Channels of computerized lighting, utilizing Light-O-Rama hardware. There was about 50,000 individual bulbs on our house in 2010 and if all the bulbs were on we could pull just under 225 amps of power. In 2011 & 2012 our display will consisted of 256 Individually Controlled Computerized Circuits with over 100,000 bulbs (101,942 Lights to be exact) and we could pull just under 500 amps with every bulb on! We changed things up in 2013 by adding some RGB LED elements to the display. This year we're going all LED and 99% RGB! The New Lights 4 Riley, Coming this November.

Why Riley Hospital for Children?

In 1988 our founder, Nicholas Watkins, went to Riley for what turned out to be a hearing disorder affecting his Right ear. To date Nicholas still has over 90% hearing loss in that ear, however he manages to sequence and artistically program all of our songs. The passion for this display comes from the great fondness we have for Riley Hospital for Children even after almost 30 years. In the time we have been collecting donations and dedicating our display to Riley, we've been touched so many times of the stories from Riley patients, parents, and family members. We thank each of those who thank us for our display and to those that continue to contribute to support our cause. Thank You Donors & Riley Volunteers, for your contributions to Riley Hospital for Children & Lights 4 Riley. We couldn't do it without you!

Why the Switch to LED?

Some of our current display elements are over 4 years old and are in need of refurbishment. To date it is becoming harder and harder to find Incandescent Christmas Lights at reasonable prices. It is also becoming more and more expensive to maintain the older technology needed to drive the lights. This year we have decided to sell literally all of the existing Lights 4 Riley hardware and purchase new LED Lighting. The LED Lighting will allow us to go from pulling over 57,000 Watts of Electricity down to meager 5,000 Watts. Maintenance & Power aren't the only reasons we've decided to make the switch. 99% of our new lighting is RGB so it has the ability to change to any color within the 16.7 million colors in the RGB Spectrum. This technology allows us to use more than 75% less lights, while still achieving a brightness level twice that of our previous displays!